Specimen Transport Using Ultra-Low Temperature Freezers

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Posted On  7th Jul 2023
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Ensuring the integrity and preservation of valuable specimens during transport is crucial for scientific research and medical advancements. At Armstrong Scientific, we understand the importance of maintaining optimal conditions throughout the journey. In this blog post, we will explore the advantages of utilizing Ultra-Low Temperature (ULT) freezers for specimen transport. Additionally, we will showcase how Armstrong Scientific goes above and beyond by offering specialized services, including the transportation of customer freezers while keeping them plugged in and providing loaner freezers for customers unable to transport their own equipment.

Continuous Preservation with Plugged-In Freezer Transport


ULT freezers provide a controlled and ultra-low temperature environment, typically ranging from -80°C to -150°C. This extreme cold ensures the preservation of specimens, including biological samples, tissues, cell cultures, and DNA, by slowing down degradation processes and maintaining their original properties. By utilizing ULT freezers, you can transport your specimens over longer distances without compromising their quality.

With Armstrong Scientific, your valuable specimens can be transported in ULT freezers that are kept plugged in throughout the journey. Our scientific trailer is equipped with a generator on board and can supply uninterrupted power to these freezers, maintaining the ultra-low temperatures required for specimen preservation. By eliminating any temperature fluctuations during transit, we guarantee the highest level of specimen integrity, giving you peace of mind.

Convenient Loaner Freezers


For customers who are unable to transport their own freezers, Armstrong provides loaner freezers as a convenient solution. These loaner freezers offer a controlled environment for loading and organizing specimens before transport. Our experienced team will assist you in safely transferring your specimens into the loaner freezers, ensuring they are securely stored and protected during the relocation process.

Reliable Temperature Control and Monitoring


ULT freezers are designed with advanced temperature control mechanisms and insulation to maintain stable and uniform temperatures throughout the transport process. This ensures that your specimens remain at their desired temperature range, protecting them from temperature fluctuations that could lead to sample degradation or loss of viability. With reliable temperature stability, you can have peace of mind knowing that your valuable specimens are safe during transport.

Our trained technicians will closely monitor and maintain precise temperature levels throughout transport, ensuring that the specimens remain in optimal conditions. In the event of any temperature deviations, our alarm systems promptly alert us, allowing immediate corrective measures to be taken.

Specimen Transport Specialists


Transporting specimens requires specialized solutions to guarantee their integrity and quality. With Armstrong Scientific Transport, you not only benefit from the advantages of using ULT freezers for specimen transport but also gain access to our unique capabilities. We transport customer freezers while keeping them plugged in, providing uninterrupted preservation, and offer loaner freezers for convenient specimen loading. Trust Armstrong's expertise in cold-chain logistics to ensure the safe and reliable transport of your valuable specimens, supporting your scientific research and medical advancements.

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