Cold Chain Material Relocation



At Armstrong Scientific, we specialize in cold chain material relocation and cold chain solutions. Focusing on maintaining the integrity of your temperature-sensitive cargo, we provide advanced laboratory moving services to ensure seamless transport throughout the entire supply chain. Furthermore, our expertise in cold chain logistics, combined with state-of-the-art temperature-controlled technologies, positions us as the leading laboratory moving company for your cold chain logistics needs.


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Ensuring Temperature Control and Reliability


We understand the critical nature of temperature-sensitive cargo. Our team of laboratory movers can handle a wide range of requirements. Whether you’re looking for lab moving services for pharmaceuticals, biologics, or clinical samples, we have the expertise and resources to meet your specific needs. Our solutions include advanced cold storage facilities, white glove delivery vehicles, and meticulous monitoring systems.

Cryogenic Transport Solutions


For transporting extremely low-temperature materials, Armstrong Scientific offers specialized cryogenics transport services. We recognize the unique challenges of moving materials that are temp-sensitive. That’s why we provide purpose-built vehicles and cryogenic storage containers for safe transport. Furthermore, our dedicated professionals follow strict protocols to ensure the safety of your valuable samples and research materials. Call us now to discuss our LN2 transport capabilities.


Cold Chain Material Relocation

Comprehensive Cold Chain Material Relocation




At the core of our cold chain logistics services is our comprehensive management approach. We employ advanced technologies such as temperature-controlled containers and refrigerated trucks to maintain precise temperature conditions throughout the transportation process. Our team of lab relocation specialists is well-versed in the intricacies of cold chain management. We can ensure the secure and timely delivery of your goods. We also have data monitors on board. That’s why we’re the first choice to transport temperature controlled materials.


Plugged-In Freezer Transport

Transporting freezers and temperature-controlled equipment requires special care. With our plugged-in freezer transport service, we provide a reliable solution to keep your freezers operational throughout the journey. We’ve equipped our fleet of specialized vehicles with onboard generators, ensuring redundant power and uninterrupted performance. Trust our laboratory moving services to preserve the valuable contents of your freezers during transport.




Our Climate-Controlled Storage Facility


In addition to moving cold chain material, we provide a secure storage facility that is meticulously controlled for temperature and humidity. This ensures the optimal environment for storing your temperature-sensitive cargo, preserving its integrity throughout its stay. Furthermore, equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure and stringent security measures, our cold chain storage facility is designed to safeguard your valuable assets with the utmost care and precision. Call us for cost effective storage for temperature sensitive products.


Biological Material Storage: Ensuring the Future of Research

This blog talks about the importance of storing biological materials safely. It explains that proper storage is key for medical research and health advancements. The post details different storage temperatures needed for various biological materials, from room temperature to deep freeze conditions. It also covers best practices like regular quality checks and emergency planning to keep samples safe long-term. Armstrong Scientific Transport offers advanced storage solutions to ensure these materials are well-protected, supporting future scientific breakthroughs.

Lab Equipment Storage Solutions for the Modern Lab

This article explores the need for specialized storage solutions in modern labs. It discusses why labs need storage for reasons such as growth, renovations, and safety. The post highlights challenges like fitting diverse equipment and keeping sensitive items intact. Armstrong Scientific provides tailored storage solutions that are secure and climate-controlled. We also handle the careful relocation and storage of biological materials, ensuring they remain undamaged and secure.

FAQ: Cold Chain Solutions

What is unique about Armstrong Scientific’s cold chain packaging? A: Armstrong Scientific offers specialized packaging for temperature-sensitive cargo, ensuring its integrity during transport. We also offer thermal packaging and tracking devices such as data loggers so you can have peace of mind.

How do you ensure temperature control during transit? A: The company uses advanced temperature monitoring systems to maintain specific temperatures, ensuring cargo safety and security in real time.

Can you handle various temperature requirements for different items? A: Yes, Armstrong Scientific’s packaging solution caters to a wide range of temperature needs, handling temperatures ranging from standard refrigeration to deep-freeze conditions. We also have a variety of shippers at our disposal, from custom dry ice boxes to LN2 tanks.


Your Trusted Partner for Cold Chain Solutions


Armstrong’s Cold Chain Solutions

When it comes to cold chain logistics, Armstrong Scientific is your trusted lab relocation partner for secure and reliable temperature-controlled transport. With our expertise in cold chain management, specialized equipment, and dedication to compliance, we ensure the integrity and safety of your valuable cargo throughout the entire journey. With Armstrong Scientific, you can experience peace of mind by partnering with a leading provider of cold chain logistics solutions.

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