International Lab Relocations: Management and Execution



As an industry pioneer in international laboratory relocation, we understand that the decision to move your lab is not one to take lightly. It involves meticulous planning, precise execution, and a partner you can trust. Whether you’re moving across Europe, Asia, or transitioning between these continents, we’re here to make your laboratory relocation process as smooth and efficient as possible.



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Why Choose Us for Your International Laboratory Relocation?



Our deep understanding of the complexities involved in international laboratory relocation and our proven track record in Europe and Asia positions us as a trusted partner for your move. We also pride ourselves on delivering turn-key solutions that handle every aspect of your relocation, from planning to execution, allowing you to focus on your core research activities.



Risk Management: Your Laboratory’s Safety is Our Priority

When it comes to international laboratory relocation, risk management is paramount. With us, you can rest assured knowing that we prioritize the safety of your equipment, samples, and data above all else. Our team of experienced professionals employs stringent measures and protocols to ensure your laboratory assets are safe at every step of the journey.



Turn-Key Solutions: Comprehensive and Customized Relocation Services

As a full-service provider, we offer turn-key solutions that we will tailor to your specific needs. We handle everything from packing and transportation to reinstallation and validation of your laboratory equipment. Plus, our extensive network in Europe and Asia ensures that we can execute your laboratory relocation with unparalleled efficiency and speed.



Project Management: Stay Informed and In Control

With our comprehensive project management approach, you stay informed about every detail of your international laboratory relocation. Our dedicated project managers will coordinate all facets of your move, providing regular updates and addressing any concerns you might have along the way. With our team, you’re never in the dark about your laboratory’s transition.

For detailed assistance and expert guidance on international laboratory relocations, Armstrong Scientific Transport offers the best relocation management services. Our dedicated team collaborates closely with all key stakeholders, ensuring that each project is planned with precision to minimize disruption. We understand the complexities involved in moving laboratories across borders and are here to make your transition as smooth as possible.

We are the best at managing lab relocations due to our project management approach that keeps you informed every step of the way. We deliver a tailored service that addresses all your concerns, helping you maintain focus on your core activities. We have years of experience with relocation management for laboratories.



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A Seamless Transition Across Europe and Asia



Moving your lab across Europe or Asia? No problem. Our international presence and deep familiarity with these regions enable us to navigate the unique challenges associated with relocating laboratories in these areas. From understanding local regulations to managing logistics, we’ll take care of it.


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Ready to take the next step in your laboratory’s journey? Contact us today for a quote on your international laboratory relocation. With our expertise in risk management, turn-key solutions, and project management, we’re ready to facilitate a seamless transition for your laboratory, whether you’re moving within Europe, Asia, or between these continents.



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Your Partner in International Lab Relocations



International laboratory relocation is a significant undertaking that demands a partner with the right expertise and resources. From risk management to turn-key solutions and project management, we provide comprehensive services that ensure your lab’s safe transition across borders. Trust us with your next laboratory relocation in Europe or Asia – because when it comes to moving laboratories, we lead the way. Request a quote today and let us guide your laboratory to its new location.


How Do You Manage Problems With Lab Relocations?

At Armstrong Scientific Transport, we understand that lab relocations can encounter various challenges. To manage these effectively, we employ a proactive approach:

  1. Risk Assessment: Before the relocation, we conduct a thorough risk assessment to identify potential issues.
  2. Expert Team: Our experienced relocation specialists are also trained to anticipate and address problems swiftly.
  3. Communication: Furthermore, we maintain open lines of communication with our clients, ensuring that any concerns are promptly addressed.
  4. Contingency Planning: We also have contingency plans for unforeseen circumstances, ensuring minimal disruption to lab operations.
  5. Post-Move Support: After the relocation, we provide comprehensive post-move support to address any residual issues and ensure a smooth transition.

Our commitment is to deliver a hassle-free relocation experience, handling any challenges efficiently and effectively.


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FAQ: Laboratory Relocation Management and Executions

What services does Armstrong Scientific Transport provide for laboratory relocations?

Armstrong Scientific offers comprehensive laboratory relocation services. This includes handling all aspects of lab moving, from initial planning to final setup. We aim to ensure a smooth transition for laboratories relocating internationally.

How does Armstrong ensure the safe and efficient relocation of laboratories?

Armstrong employs expert relocation specialists who use a meticulous move process to relocate labs safely and efficiently. We have a deep understanding of the nature of lab equipment and how it requires careful handling to move. This process includes specialized handling of specimens and sensitive equipment, ensuring minimal disruption to lab operations.

What post-move support does Armstrong offer?

After the relocation, Armstrong provides post-move services to ensure that labs are fully operational. This includes setting up equipment and assisting with lab management in the new location.

Can Armstrong handle the relocation of hazardous materials?

Yes, we are qualified to manage the transportation of hazardous materials. We adhere to strict safety protocols to ensure these materials arrive at the new destination safely. For more information: chemicals, cryogenics, specimens.

How does Armstrong manage the complexities of relocation projects?

Armstrong’s relocation specialists have years of experience with managing complex relocation projects. They coordinate all aspects of the move, from logistics to lab setup, ensuring a seamless transition.

What steps are involved in the lab moving process with Armstrong?

The lab moving process with Armstrong includes initial consultation, planning, packing, transportation, and setup in the new location. Our relocation teams manage each step carefully to ensure a successful move.

How does Armstrong ensure minimal disruption during lab relocations?

Armstrong plans and executes lab relocations with a focus on minimizing disruption. Their efficient and well-planned move process ensures that lab operations can resume quickly in the new location.

Is Armstrong experienced in international laboratory relocations?

Yes, Armstrong specializes in international laboratory relocations, with extensive experience in moving labs across various countries and continents.

What type of laboratories can use Armstrong’s moving services?

Armstrong’s moving services cater to a wide range of laboratories, including research, clinical, biotech, and educational facilities.

How do I get started with my laboratory relocation with Armstrong?

To begin your laboratory relocation with Armstrong, you can contact them for a consultation. They will discuss your specific needs and provide a tailored relocation plan.



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