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Germany holds a prominent position in Europe with its dedication to research and development. This commitment is reflected in its array of research institutions, biotech firms, and laboratories located in cities such as Berlin, Munich, Frankfurt, and Hamburg. As the landscape of scientific research in Germany continues to evolve, the demand for specialized lab relocation services becomes increasingly evident.



German Laboratory Relocations

Navigating the Complexities of German Laboratory Relocations


Relocating labs in Germany presents its own set of challenges. The bustling streets of Berlin, the historic lanes of Munich, or the busy ports of Hamburg require a laboratory moving company that understands the local nuances. Our team of laboratory movers is well-equipped to navigate these challenges, ensuring that every piece of equipment, from delicate instruments to bulky machinery, is transported with care.

Germany’s stringent regulations, coupled with its diverse geographical landscape, make lab relocation a task that requires meticulous planning and execution

Lab Moving Solutions by Armstrong Scientific Transport

Our expertise in chemical relocations stands out. The safe transportation of chemicals necessitates a comprehensive understanding of their characteristics and potential risks. Our team ensures that chemicals are packed in line with international standards, using materials that mitigate any risk of leakage or contamination.


International Laboratory Relocation

International Laboratory Relocations


For laboratories considering a move beyond Germany, we provide a holistic suite of international relocation services. This includes managing customs procedures to ensure a hassle-free passage through customs checkpoints. Our collaborations with top air and ocean freight providers ensure the safe and timely delivery of your laboratory equipment, irrespective of the destination.

The Armstrong Commitment

Armstrong Scientific Transport is more than just a laboratory moving company. We view ourselves as collaborators in your scientific endeavors. Our white glove service guarantees that every item is not only delivered but also set up to your specifications. From moving lab equipment to offering laboratory storage solutions, we encompass all facets of lab relocations.

In summary, whether you’re based in Berlin, Munich, Frankfurt, or any other German city, Armstrong Scientific Transport is equipped to support your laboratory moving needs. Our blend of expertise and experience positions us as a top choice for laboratory relocation services in Germany and beyond.

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