Laboratory Relocation Services Canada

Laboratory Relocation Services

Armstrong Scientific Transport provides premier laboratory storage and transportation services for universities, biobanks, research institutes and hospitals in both Canada and the United States.

We handle all aspects of your relocation with expertise, from planning and documenting to packing and unpacking your laboratory.

About Our Laboratory Relocation Services

Armstrong Scientific Transport’s laboratory storage and transportation services are extremely comprehensive. This ensures that all lab equipment, biological samples and other specimens arrive safely and securely.

We understand that each laboratory has its own set of requirements regarding its equipment, operational standards and timelines for deliveries. Our highly specialized services are designed to accommodate your unique needs.

Armstrong Scientific Transport uses highly specialized techniques for transporting lab equipment.

High Quality Packing ServiceThis is how we handle hazardous material transport: It is important to note it is the clients responsibility to determine classification of each substance. Once the appropriate classification has been determined, the marking, labelling, placarding and shipping documentation (customs) requirements as specified by the TDG Regulations are the next step. If necessary, special permits may be obtained, along with an Emergency Response Assistance Plan (ERAP).

If you are in need of cold-chain storage, we will make the appropriate arrangements for you. This is made possible thanks to our advanced transportation trucks and trailers, which are capable of meeting temperature requirements as well as monitoring the operational status of all units.

Our transportation trucks and trailers are also climate-controlled and equipped with internal security systems.

Above all, our relocation services are extremely rigorous. When it comes to packing, we use a variety of specialized packing materials and a 3-part packing approach that includes a primary leak-proof container, a secondary leak-proof container and rigid outer packaging, all of which are designed to protect specimens during the transportation process.

During the transportation process, a crew member oversees all lab storage containers. Load checks are performed every 4 hours; these are verified by electronic access.

Why Choose Armstrong Scientific Transport

Armstrong Scientific Transport is a leading laboratory relocation service company that provides specialized and comprehensive services that can be customized to your exact needs.

Our rigorous set of procedures, advanced technology, and expert team of professionals make it possible for us to provide the highest standards possible where laboratory relocation is concerned. Our team is committed to laboratory relocation excellence from start to finish.

Armstrong Scientific Transport’s business affiliate Armstrong Moving is pleased to be one of two selected vendors for CAUBO. Over a period of ten years, we have been entrusted to relocate over 2000 educational professionals including laboratory relocations.


Once the scope of work has been determined, Armstrong Scientific Transport will provide a written quote. This will be based on several different factors, including your space requirements, distance, the number of appliances that require continuous power, special requirements (e.g. hazardous materials), packing services and unpacking services.

If you are looking for premier and comprehensive laboratory relocation services, choose Armstrong Scientific Transport. Contact us here.

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