+4/-20 Fridges and Freezers

When it comes to +4/-20 fridges and freezers, temperature stability is paramount. Even slight deviations in temperature can jeopardize the integrity of the samples or chemicals inside, rendering research outcomes inconclusive. At Armstrong Scientific, we take pride in our specialized trailer that allows us to keep your lab fridges and freezers plugged in during transport. Our specialized transport service ensures that the temperature remains stable, and the contents are safeguarded, enabling you to focus on your groundbreaking discoveries.

Uninterrupted Power Supply For Lab Fridges and Freezers

To ensure continuous temperature control, our trailers are equipped with generators that provide uninterrupted power supply to your +4/-20 fridges and freezers. Even during long-distance relocations or cross-country journeys, you can rest assured that your samples will be protected from temperature fluctuations. Our generators are robust and reliable, assuring that your equipment remains operational throughout the transport.

Expert Handling and Care

Transporting +4/-20 lab fridges and freezers demands expert handling and care. Our highly-trained technicians are well-versed in the intricacies of laboratory relocations, ensuring that your equipment is packed, loaded, and secured with utmost precision. On move day, our team will pack the interior of your fridges/freezers to prevent movement of the contents inside. The team will then wrap and strap the fridges/freezers in the truck to minimize any potential risks during transit.

Temperature Monitoring for Peace of Mind

When it comes to transporting +4/-20 fridges and freezers, ensuring the preservation of your valuable samples or chemicals is of utmost importance. We recognize that these appliances often lack external temperature displays, making it difficult to monitor conditions during transport. To provide you with peace of mind, Armstrong Scientific can provide temperature monitoring systems for your units. Our skilled technicians are trained to closely track fridge/freezer temperatures at regular intervals throughout the journey. Moreover, in the rare event of a lab fridge or freezer malfunction, we have comprehensive contingency plans in place to safeguard your valuable assets. With our vigilant approach to temperature control, your samples or chemicals are in safe hands every step of the way.

Customized Solutions for Your Lab Fridges and Freezers

At Armstrong Scientific, we recognize that every laboratory relocation is unique. We tailor our services to meet your specific requirements, offering customized solutions that align with your timeline, budget, and other special considerations. Our expert team collaborates with you to design a detailed plan that encompasses all aspects of the transport, from packing and loading to delivery and unpacking.

Compliance with Safety and Regulatory Standards

Safety and compliance are at the core of our operations. Our team is well-versed in adhering to all safety and regulatory standards related to transporting +4/-20 fridges and freezers. We ensure that all necessary precautions are taken to protect your equipment, samples, and the environment throughout the transportation process.

Your Reliable Partner in Lab Relocations

With decades of experience in laboratory relocations, Armstrong Scientific has earned a reputation as a reliable and trusted partner in the scientific community. Our commitment to quality, customer service, and preserving the integrity of your research makes us the preferred choice for +4/-20 fridge and freezer transport.

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