Expert Lab Relocation Services in Canada


Armstrong Scientific is your go-to partner for lab relocations in Canada. We understand the unique challenges of Canadian lab relocations. We also offer tailored solutions for a seamless transition of your lab equipment and supplies. Our team is dedicated to simplifying your relocation, overcoming regulatory hurdles, and supporting your scientific progress. Explore our specialized services designed to meet the diverse needs of laboratories across Canada.

Navigating Canadian Logistics

Lab relocations in Canada require navigating specific regulations and logistical considerations. At Armstrong Scientific, we are well-versed in the intricacies of Canadian regulations pertaining to lab moves. For example, our experienced team stays up-to-date with the latest requirements to ensure compliance throughout the relocation process. We also streamline the logistics, permits, and customs requirements, minimizing any disruption to your lab operations. With our knowledge and expertise, we ensure a smooth transition for your laboratory, allowing you to focus on your research and scientific endeavors.

What About Relocating Labs in Remote and Northern Canada?

Canada’s vast landscape encompasses remote and northern regions where research facilities and laboratories play a crucial role in advancing scientific knowledge. Armstrong Scientific understands the unique challenges associated with lab relocations in these areas. Furthermore, our team is well-equipped to handle the logistics, transportation, and accessibility constraints specific to remote and northern locations. We have the necessary experience and resources to provide reliable and efficient lab moving services, regardless of your laboratory’s geographical location. We can also assist with lab occupier real estate services or employee relocation.

Do We Cover All Provinces and Territories in Canada?

Whether your laboratory is located in British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario, Quebec, or any other province or territory, Armstrong Scientific offers comprehensive lab move services across Canada. We understand that each province may have its own unique requirements and regulations. Therefore, our experienced team is well-versed in handling these variations. From major urban centers to rural areas, our services cover the entire country, ensuring a seamless and efficient relocation process for your laboratory. We aim to be a turnkey lab moving company. Our services do not only include long-distance transport but also local origin and destination services.

Specialized Equipment Handling

Laboratories house a wide range of specialized equipment, sensitive instruments, and valuable specimens. At Armstrong Scientific, we prioritize the careful handling and transportation of these items. Our team of experts is trained in industry-leading techniques to securely pack and protect your equipment throughout the relocation process. Furthermore, we pay meticulous attention to detail, ensuring the safe transfer of your scientific assets to their new location. Trust us to handle your specialized equipment with utmost care and precision.

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Seamless Cross-Border Relocations

For lab relocations involving the Canada-United States border, Armstrong Scientific provides seamless and efficient transitions. Our cross-border capabilities encompass expertise in areas such as customs procedures, documentation, and logistical coordination. We ensure a smooth flow of your lab equipment and supplies, minimizing delays and disruptions associated with international relocation. Long gone are the days using a pneumatic tube to proceed customs paperwork. We are experts in the latest customs technologies. Therefore, count on us to handle the complexities of cross-border moves, enabling you to focus on your scientific endeavors.

FAQ: Why is Armstrong the First Choice for Laboratories in Canada?

What is CAUBO, and How Does Our CAUBO Membership Benefit Canadian Universities? Armstrong Scientific, along with its affiliate Armstrong Moving, is a CAUBO member. This relationship allows us to provide preferred pricing to CAUBO members. As a result, we are the top choice for lab relocations in academic settings. Thus, as a CAUBO member, we proudly offer premier lab relocation services to universities across Canada.

How Do We Ensure Safe and Secure Transport of Lab Equipment? Our team is extensively trained in handling scientific equipment. We also use specialized packing techniques and state-of-the-art equipment. This ensures the safe and secure transport of your valuable assets.

What Quality Control Measures Do We Implement? We also maintain stringent quality control measures. Furthermore, we regularly train and qualify our team members. This ensures the highest standards of service. From packing to unpacking, we adhere to rigorous protocols.

How Do We Plan and Coordinate Laboratory Relocations? We understand that lab relocations need meticulous planning. Therefore, our experienced project managers develop customized plans to meet your timelines and requirements. We also aim to minimize downtime and disruptions.

What Does Our Complete Relocation Service Entail? Our service covers every aspect of your move. We recognize that each laboratory is unique. We also tailor our services to meet your specific needs. This includes planning, documenting, packing, and unpacking.

What Can You Expect When Choosing Armstrong Scientific for Lab Relocation? Expect professionalism, reliability, and expertise. Our team supports the advancement of scientific research and education. We take pride in supporting academic laboratories and medical institutions.

What Other Services Do We Offer? We offer relocation management. Our technicians can also relocate your lab personnel’s household goods.

The Armstrong Advantage

Here is a spotlight on some of the other services that we offer:

International Laboratory Relocations: Armstrong Scientific Transport’s global relocation service can assist with the intricate process of moving laboratories across countries. We focus on maintaining the integrity of sensitive equipment and materials. We also ensure compliance with various international regulations. Our expertise extends to many areas, such as logistical planning, customs clearance, and secure transportation. We aim to provide a stress-free relocation experience for research and scientific labs.

Specimen Transport with Plug-in Freezer Facilities: With this service, we can transport your freezers while plugged in. This technology is essential for preserving biological specimens at precise temperatures during transport, crucial for research integrity. Our vehicles are equipped with on-board generators that provide redundant power. We can accommodate any type of fridge/freezer unit, including ultra-low freezers.

Custom Crating Solutions: We can build crates for scientific equipment and materials. These crates ensure optimal protection during the relocation. This service is particularly important for delicate or high-value items, where standard packaging solutions may not suffice.

Laboratory Casework: We also provide professional dismantling and relocation services for lab furniture and casework. Our team ensures that your casework will maintain the integrity for reinstallation in new lab environments. This service is essential for labs undergoing renovation, relocation, or upgrading their facilities.

Simplify your lab relocation process in Canada with Armstrong Scientific’s specialized services. Our team understands and overcomes the unique challenges associated with lab relocations in Canada. Contact us today to discuss your specific requirements and receive a customized solution tailored to your needs. Trust Armstrong Scientific to handle the intricacies of your lab move, such as navigating Canadian regulations and logistics. We will ensure a successful transition for your valuable equipment and supplies.


Once the scope of work has been determined, Armstrong Scientific Transport will provide a written quote. This will be based on several different factors, including your trailer space requirements, distance, number of appliances that require continuous power, special requirements (e.g. hazardous materials), and packing and unpacking services.

If you are looking for premier and comprehensive lab relocation services in Canada, choose Armstrong Scientific Transport. Contact us here.

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