Laboratory Casework Removal and Installation

At Armstrong Scientific, we recognize that laboratory casework is a vital component of any lab environment. Our services are meticulously designed to manage the removal and transport of your existing roughed-in laboratory casework. Our team, skilled in handling delicate and intricate lab setups, ensures that every piece of casework is carefully disassembled, securely packed, and safely transported to its new destination. This attention to detail is a fundamental aspect of our commitment to providing comprehensive laboratory relocation services.

Our laboratory casework removal process is meticulously planned, beginning with a detailed site visit for precise measurements and floor plan analysis. We prioritize maintaining the integrity of the casework, carefully disassembling it in minimal sections and preparing it for transport. This careful approach extends to the deinstallation, where we safely disconnect any attachments, including plumbing and electrical components. Upon arrival at the new location, our white glove delivery service ensures a seamless unpacking and reinstallation, guided by the destination’s floor plans for accurate placement and setup.

General Contracting Services: Comprehensive Solutions for Your Lab

Following the careful removal and transport of your laboratory casework, our suite of general contracting services comes into play, offering a complete solution for your lab relocation. This includes:

Why Armstrong Scientific Transport Stands Out

Choosing Armstrong Scientific Transport means partnering with a leader in laboratory moving. Our lab movers are not just skilled in moving lab equipment; they are lab relocation specialists dedicated to preserving the integrity of your research environment. As a premier laboratory moving company, we offer a range of services, including white glove delivery and lab equipment storage, tailored to meet the unique demands of your relocation.

Our goal to be the foremost laboratory relocation company drives our commitment to innovation and service expansion. Whether your move is local or international, our team is equipped to manage the complexities of your relocation. We understand the delicate nature of lab moving, and our white glove service ensures that every item, from the smallest instrument to the largest piece of casework, is handled with the utmost care and precision.

Armstrong Scientific Transport is more than just a team of laboratory movers; we are your partners in facilitating a smooth transition to your new laboratory space. Our comprehensive suite of services, including expert casework removal and transport, coupled with our general contracting capabilities, positions us as the go-to provider for all your lab relocation needs. Trust us to make your next move seamless, efficient, and stress-free.

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