Transit Cases

Armstrong Scientific offers specialized transit case solutions that provide a new dimension of security and safety for your delicate and valuable items. Our custom crating expertise is seamlessly integrated with transit cases, offering you an innovative approach to safeguarding your equipment during transportation.

The Ultimate Protection for Your Equipment

The robust construction of our transit cases combines strength with lightweight design, preventing unnecessary strain during transportation. Furthermore, our cases feature IP67 water resistance, offering a formidable defense against moisture, rain, and even temporary submersion. The hermetic seal of these cases creates a barrier that safeguards your equipment from water infiltration, ensuring its integrity throughout transportation. Additionally, our cases provide dust protection, chemical resistance, and high impact resistance – a combination that sets them apart as the ultimate choice for equipment security.

transit cases

Tailored Solutions for Delicate and Valuable Equipment

Our transit cases come in various sizes and can suit the unique dimensions, fragility, and sensitivity of your valuable cargo. The strategic amalgamation of transit cases’ durability and our experience with custom crating ensures optimal protection for your equipment. With the inherent strength of transit cases, your equipment becomes invulnerable to external pressures, ensuring its safe arrival at the intended destination.

Transit cases offer further customization with internal foam padding tailored to the specific dimensions and contours of your instruments. Our technicians will custom cut the foam to surround your equipment, preventing shifting during transportation and minimizing the risk of damage. This additional layer of protection ensures that your valuable items remain intact, no matter the mode of transit.

Why Choose Transit Cases for Laboratory Equipment Transport

While protection is paramount, ease of transport is equally crucial. These cases are designed with practicality in mind, featuring ergonomic handles, secure latches, and compatibility with various transportation modes. From airline transport to ocean freight, our cases can withstand the rigors of travel and the challenges posed by various environments. Whether it’s air, sea, rail, or road, our transit case solutions ensure your equipment remains secure and unscathed.

Furthermore, in some lab relocations, equipment may travel alongside chemicals or other hazardous materials. Our chemical-resistant transit cases can shield your instruments from any potential chemical spillage during transportation. This comprehensive approach guarantees the safety of your instruments even in the unlikely event of a shipment compromise, providing you with peace of mind throughout the journey.

By choosing Armstrong Scientific Transport’s transit case solutions, you’re selecting a level of equipment protection that transcends the ordinary. The blend of our custom crating expertise with the rugged reliability of transit cases results in unmatched safety for your valuable assets.

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