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Lab and Equipment Relocation Across Industries

Cultivate, share, and transport your innovations with ease and utmost confidence. Achieve scientific breakthroughs with complete laboratory logistics, from secure handling and storage, to transport and relocation.

Laboratory Logistics for All Researchers

We Are All Driving the Future of Science and Innovation

At Armstrong Scientific Transport, we go above and beyond. We know that innovation and scientific breakthroughs can occur virtually anywhere, in any industry.

Building Laboratory and Research Capacity

Equipment Handling and Transport Across Industries

We are supporting the next generation of research and innovation in other industries, including:

Don’t find your industry listed? Armstrong Scientific Transport is committed to tailoring custom laboratory and equipment relocation solutions according to your needs.

Our Laboratory Transport and Relocation Solutions

Customizable Handling, Storage, and Transport Solutions for Researchers Across Industries

Our logistics experts offer a turn-key laboratory transport and relocation service. Our guarantee is safe equipment handling at every stage of the move, from packaging and transport, to storage and setup. Get the equipment and specimens you need to develop new technology, treatments, consumer goods, and more, and trust that we help them get there — at your new lab and research space.

We Move the Future of Science

Leading Laboratory and Equipment Transport Solutions

At Armstrong, we are your partners in discovering the future of science and research. Trust us to deliver your research safely and securely, and help ensure a seamless transition.

Cold-chain logistics: As logistics leaders, we use the latest most advanced transport technology. Our trucks feature in-transit mobile power and plugged-in transport capabilities to keep fridges and freezers running, and maintain sample integrity and viability.

Expert handling: We are specially trained to handle and transport high-value laboratory equipment, such as hyperbaric chambers, HPLC’s, microscopes, autoclaves, centrifuges, and more.

Climate-controlled transport: Along with in-transit mobile power and plugged-in transport capabilities, our transport trucks are fully climate controlled. We program temperature, humidity, and moisture control, and maintain an optimal -20℃ and 25℃ according to cooled and heated transport requirements. We are committed to regulatory compliance, specimen integrity, and internal security.

Specimen handling: Our laboratory relocation process starts with identifying, and documenting all DNA, blood samples, tissue samples, regulated chemicals, hazardous materials, and other specimens. We pack and transport these according to their exact specifications, and ensure that necessary permits are secured, along with an Emergency Response Assistance Plan, if required.

Seamless Laboratory Transportation and Relocation

Set Up Your Lab for the Future of Research

At the core of our laboratory logistics solution are safety, compliance, and reliability. We offer complete relocation management, secure transport, and a seamless transition. Let’s build your capacity for groundbreaking research.

1. Pre-move survey and relocation planning

We conduct a full inventory of all your laboratory assets, and document hazardous materials and handling specifications of specialized equipment and specimens. Our logistics experts secure necessary permits and establish an Emergency Response Assistance Plan for safe handling and transport.

2. Laboratory preparation and packing

We use custom-fabricated crates and a three-part packing system that includes leak-proof containers. Our logistics team expertly prepares and packages all items for transport, and arrange for climate-controlled trucks with plugged-in transport and mobile power capabilities.

3. Transport

We transport laboratory equipment and specimens for relocation and storage. With plugged-in transport capabilities and in-transit mobile power, we keep essential equipment like specialized fridges and freezers running, and your assets stable in a fully secure and climate-controlled environment. Our crew members accompany every shipment, and conduct load checks every four hours to ensure optimal function and integrity.

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