Equipment Decommissioning and Recommissioning Services

In the world of laboratory relocations, the decommissioning and recommissioning of equipment stand as critical phases. At Armstrong Scientific, we specialize in these services, ensuring that your laboratory equipment is handled with the utmost care and precision throughout the relocation process.

Decommissioning: The First Step in a Secure Transition

The decommissioning process is more than just unplugging and packing. It involves a detailed understanding of each piece of equipment’s unique requirements. Our service technicians are trained in the meticulous deinstallation of various types of laboratory equipment. This includes disassembling, safely disconnecting, and preparing each item for transport. Our approach is methodical and tailored to the specific needs of your equipment, ensuring that every component is secured and ready for the journey ahead.

Recommissioning: Restoring Functionality at Your New Location

Upon arrival at the new destination, our service team’s work continues with the recommissioning phase. This crucial step involves more than just unpacking and setting up. Our specialists meticulously reinstall and calibrate each piece of equipment, ensuring it is fully operational and meets all necessary standards. This attention to detail is vital for the immediate resumption of your laboratory’s operations, minimizing downtime and maintaining the continuity of your research.

Collaboration with Equipment Manufacturers

Our services extend beyond the physical handling of equipment. We maintain strong partnerships with various lab equipment manufacturers, ensuring that each piece of equipment is handled according to the specific guidelines set by the manufacturers. This collaboration allows us to provide specialized manufacturer crates, offering an additional layer of security and protection during transport. These partnerships are a testament to our commitment to upholding the highest standards in laboratory moving services.

Comprehensive Turnkey Solutions for Laboratory Relocations

At Armstrong Scientific Transport, we strive to provide the most comprehensive turnkey solutions for laboratory relocations, which is why we include specialized equipment decommissioning and recommissioning services. This critical offering is part of our commitment to ensuring a seamless transition for your laboratory, encompassing every detail from start to finish. Alongside this, we provide detailed planning, customized crating solutions, and our signature white glove delivery service. Our team of laboratory relocation specialists collaborates closely with your staff throughout the entire process, whether it’s a local move or an international relocation. Our aim is to cover every aspect of your lab’s move, delivering a stress-free and efficient experience that addresses all your laboratory’s unique needs.

The Armstrong Difference

Every laboratory has its unique set of challenges and requirements. Our approach to decommissioning and recommissioning is highly customized, tailored to meet the specific needs of your laboratory. We take the time to understand the intricacies of your equipment and operations, providing solutions that align with your objectives. This personalized approach is what sets us apart as a laboratory relocation company and lab relocation specialists.

Choosing Armstrong Scientific Transport for your equipment decommissioning and recommissioning needs means entrusting your valuable laboratory assets to a team of experts. Our dedicated approach, combined with our deep understanding of laboratory operations, ensures that your equipment is handled with the highest level of care and expertise. Contact us to learn more about how our specialized services can facilitate a seamless and efficient transition for your laboratory.

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