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Armstrong Scientific Transport provides premier laboratory relocation and transportation services to a variety of different industries, including universities, biobanks, research institutes and hospitals across Canada and the United States.

Armstrong Scientific Transport provides complete relocation services, from planning, documenting and packing to complete relocation of any laboratory.

Company ProfileArmstrong Scientific Transport is a premier laboratory and medical relocation and transportation company.

Armstrong Scientific Transport is part of Armstrong Moving, a professional and award-winning moving company that has been providing moving and relocation services for 50 years.

Armstrong Scientific Transport is home to a certified and highly experienced team of experts. Our team is multilingual and able to speak as many as 14 languages, which makes it possible for us to keep key individuals updated as to the status of the laboratory relocation.

Armstrong moving is also a member of CAUBO – one of two selected members. Over a period of ten years, we have provided our relocation services to over 2000 educational institutes, including laboratory relocations.

About Our Laboratory Relocation Services

Our laboratory relocation services are not only highly specialized but also extremely extensive and in-depth.

We are able to accommodate a range of needs with our transportation trucks and trailers, which are capable of meeting different temperature and power requirements.

This is important for transporting various biological samples and materials, as well as refrigerator and freezer relocations.

We also use specialized packing techniques and materials to ensure that every piece of equipment arrives safely. We follow an extensive set of emergency procedures to ensure that the transportation is safe at all points of the relocation.

At every point of the move a crew member attends to each piece of equipment; additionally load checks are performed every four hours.

Armstrong Scientific Transport provides highly specialized and comprehensive laboratory relocation services that uphold the highest of standards.

If you are looking for premier and comprehensive laboratory relocation services, choose Armstrong Scientific Transport. Contact us here.

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