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At Armstrong Scientific Transport, we’ve established ourselves as the leading lab mover in the industry. With over 50 years of experience under the umbrella of Armstrong Moving, we’ve become the go-to lab moving company for universities, biobanks, research institutes, and hospitals across Canada and the United States.

Our Mission: Moving Science Forward

Armstrong Scientific is driven by a mission to move science forward. Every piece of equipment, every specimen, and every instrument we transport plays a crucial role in the advancement of scientific knowledge and medical breakthroughs. We understand the gravity of our role, and we’re committed to ensuring that every relocation is executed with precision, care, and expertise.

Our Values: Precision, Integrity, and Commitment

Why Choose Armstrong Scientific Transport?

  1. Expert Lab Relocations: Our specialized team offers premier lab relocation services, ensuring a seamless transition from planning, documenting, packing, to the complete relocation of any laboratory.
  2. Medical Equipment Movers: Our white glove delivery service ensures that every piece of equipment is handled with the utmost care.
  3. Specimen and Freezer Transport: Our trucks and trailers are equipped to meet varying temperature and power requirements, ensuring safe and efficient specimen transport using our plugged-in freezer service.
  4. Custom Crating Solutions: We offer custom crating solutions tailored to the specific needs of the items being transported.
  5. Multilingual Expert Team: Our certified and highly experienced team can communicate in up to 14 languages, ensuring clear communication throughout the lab relocation process.
  6. CAUBO Membership: As one of the two selected members of CAUBO, we’ve provided our relocation services to over 2000 educational institutes.

Company Culture: A Legacy of Excellence

At Armstrong Scientific Transport, our culture is built on a legacy of excellence. We believe in fostering an environment where innovation thrives, collaboration is encouraged, and every team member is empowered to contribute to our shared mission. Our team is not just a workforce; it’s a family of dedicated professionals passionate about making a difference in the world of science.

Read our case studies to learn more:

Case Study: Moving Lab Freezers with Armstrong: Transporting laboratory equipment, especially freezers, is a complex process. The case study details an instance where Armstrong Scientific Transport had the opportunity to transport 20 freezers from the University of Toronto to the University of Waterloo.

Armstrong Moves Science Pt. 1: This post details a significant campaign where Armstrong Scientific Transport undertook back-to-back lab relocations across 16,000 miles in North America. The post offers exclusive behind-the-scenes updates and showcases their scientific trailer in action.

Armstrong Moves Science Pt. 2: The second part of the series continues the narrative of Armstrong Scientific’s laboratory relocation journey across North America. The post provides more behind-the-scenes updates and further highlights their scientific trailer’s capabilities.

Armstrong Moves Science Pt. 3: This post describes the extensive journey of Armstrong Scientific Transport as they relocate laboratories across the breadth of North America. The post offers a closer look at the challenges faced and the expertise employed in such large-scale operations.

Join Us in Moving Science Forward

Our laboratory relocation services are not just specialized but also extensive. We use specialized packing techniques and materials, ensuring the safe arrival of every piece of equipment. With regular load checks every four hours and a crew member attending to each equipment, we guarantee the highest standards in lab moving.

For top-tier lab relocation, specimen transport, and medical equipment moving services, Armstrong Scientific is your trusted partner. We’re here to move science forward, one relocation at a time. Contact us today to be a part of this scientific journey.

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