Armstrong Moves Science Pt. 1: The Journey from Saskatoon to Edmonton

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Posted On  29th May 2023
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our scientific trailer in the yard

16,000 miles across North America. Back-to-back lab relocations. Join us for exclusive behind-the-scenes updates and see our scientific trailer in action.



Armstrong Scientific's highly anticipated month-long campaign is underway. With a series of moves spanning across North America, covering over 16,000 miles, we are ready to showcase our expertise in scientific equipment transportation. Join us as we take you on an exciting behind-the-scenes journey, starting with the departure of our scientific trailer from Armstrong Scientific HQ.


Setting the Stage

Our scientific trailer, a remarkable 53ft marvel, takes center stage. Equipped with a liftgate, reefer, and an onboard generator for redundant power, we ensure the utmost care and safety during the transportation process. Furthermore, the trailer's ability to transport freezers while plugged in throughout the journey ensures the preservation of valuable samples, providing peace of mind to our clients.

Meet Todd, the driving force behind Armstrong's scientific journey! 🚚💨 With years of experience and a passion for precision, Todd ensures your valuable lab equipment and specimens are in safe hands throughout the relocation process.


Meticulous Preparations

Preparing for this ambitious campaign demanded meticulous coordination and planning. Our team expertly scheduled all moves, aligning with our clients' deadlines and ensuring a seamless transition. Coordinating technicians in different cities, gathering the necessary materials and tools, and conducting maintenance work were just some of the crucial preparations we undertook.

First Stop: University of Saskatchewan

Our first destination on this journey was the College of Medicine at the University of Saskatchewan. The task at hand was no small feat. We had to pack and relocate laboratory equipment while prioritizing the safe transfer of multiple -80 freezers containing invaluable samples. These freezers remained plugged in throughout the transport, maintaining optimal conditions for the preservation of scientific discoveries.

Our team worked closely with lab staff to ensure every item was packed securely and labeled correctly.
Once on board, our lead technician monitored the temperature of the freezer at set intervals during the transportation process.

Successful Delivery

With precision and dedication, our team executed the shipment flawlessly, ensuring that it arrived at its destination, the University of Alberta, without any issues. The smooth delivery is a testament to our unwavering commitment to excellence and the trust placed in Armstrong Scientific.

Our scientific trailer backing into a dock at the University of Alberta, with freezers on board.


As we reflect on the first leg of our month-long campaign, we are proud of the achievements and milestones reached. From the departure of our scientific trailer to the successful relocation of equipment and -80 freezers, we have showcased our expertise in scientific equipment transportation. Stay tuned for the next chapter of our journey as we continue to move science forward.


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