Laboratory Relocation North America

Armstrong Scientific Transport is a premier provider of laboratory relocation services in North America. Our services extend to several different industries, including universities, biobanks, research institutes, and hospitals, across both Canada and the United States.

Armstrong Scientific Transport provides complete relocation services, from planning and documenting to packing and unpacking your items.

Our services extend far and wide. We cover much of North America with a specific emphasis on major cities in Canada and the United States. We service the following areas:

About Our Laboratory Relocation Services North America

Armstrong Scientific Transport’s laboratory relocation services are extremely rigorous. This ensures that the highest standards are achieved and that the contents of the lab arrive in pristine condition.

For example, we use specialized packing materials and a 3-part packing system to protect specimens during transportation.

During the transportation process, a crew member oversees each piece of equipment. Load checks are performed every 4 hours.

Our transportation trucks and trailers are also designed to handle different temperature requirements and provide any power needed for freezer moves. Our trucks are also able to monitor all equipment to ensure that all units are operational.

Our transportation trucks and trailers are also climate controlled and equipped with internal security systems.

Hazardous materials are handled with care; special permits and an Emergency Response Assistance Plan will be formulated if they are deemed necessary.

It is this sort of comprehensive approach that is needed when it comes to ensuring the safe handling and arrival of your laboratory equipment, biological samples, specimens and so on.

About Armstrong Scientific Transport

Armstrong Scientific Transport is a premier laboratory relocation company that is home to an expert team of highly trained and experienced individuals, who are committed to providing laboratory relocation excellence.

If you are looking for premier and comprehensive laboratory relocation services in North America, choose Armstrong Scientific Transport. Choose Armstrong movers. Contact us here.

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