Lab Relocation Insurance: The Essential Protection for Your Scientific Assets

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Posted On  10th Jan 2024
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lab relocation insurance

Relocating a laboratory is a complex and delicate endeavor. It involves the transportation of sensitive, often expensive, scientific equipment, which is vulnerable to various risks during the move. Armstrong Scientific Transport, a leader in laboratory relocation services, understands these challenges. We offer specialized lab relocation insurance to provide peace of mind and financial protection for your valuable assets during transit. In this article, we will explore the various insurance options provided by Armstrong Scientific Transport for lab relocations within North America and overseas.

Understanding Lab Relocation Insurance

What is Lab Relocation Insurance?

This is a specialized insurance policy that will protect scientific equipment during the process of moving a laboratory. It covers various risks associated with the transportation of laboratory assets, including damage, loss, and other unforeseen incidents.

Why is it Essential?

Laboratory equipment is not only costly but also crucial for research and operations. Any damage or loss during relocation process can lead to significant financial setbacks and operational delays. Insurance for your lab move ensures that in the unfortunate event of an incident, you protect your investment, and you can recover from the loss quickly.

Armstrong Scientific's Laboratory Relocation Insurance Options

1. Basic Cargo Insurance

The most fundamental coverage option offered by Armstrong Scientific Transport is Basic Cargo Insurance. As we outline in the terms and conditions on the back of our Bill of Lading, this insurance has a limit of a maximum $0.30 per pound. It provides a basic level of financial protection against potential losses during the transportation of your laboratory equipment.

2. Total Loss Coverage

Total Loss coverage is a specific insurance option for those who seek protection against the loss of an entire shipment. This policy is critical when the risk of losing the entire shipment is a primary concern. It's important to note that Total Loss coverage does not extend to damages to individual items or mechanical/electronic derangement. This policy is most suitable for shipments where the primary risk is the total loss of the shipment, rather than damage to individual items.

3. All-Risk Coverage

For comprehensive protection, Armstrong Scientific Transport offers All-Risk coverage. This policy covers a wide range of risks and perils, except those explicitly excluded. All-Risk coverage is ideal for those looking for extensive protection, as it covers accidents and unforeseeable incidents.

It is crucial to understand that All-Risk coverage does not typically include mechanical or electronic derangement unless the manufacturer or a certified vendor has inspected the instruments before relocation. This inspection must result in written documentation confirming the operational status of the instruments. Without this documentation, the insurer may not cover issues related to the condition of the instruments.

Choosing the Right Lab Move Insurance

When selecting laboratory relocation insurance, it is essential to consider the nature of your laboratory equipment, the value of the items, and the specific risks associated with your lab relocation project. Armstrong Scientific Transport’s experienced team can provide guidance and help you choose the insurance option that best fits your needs.

Factors to Consider

  • Value of Equipment: Higher-value equipment might require more comprehensive coverage.
  • Nature of Equipment: Fragile or highly sensitive equipment might need additional protection.
  • Route and Distance: Longer or more complex relocation routes might increase the risk of incidents.

Please note that Armstrong Scientific Transport may only provide valuation coverage based on the requested value if your move meets specific conditions in our suite of lab relocation services, such as the use of our custom crates or opting for our exclusive/dedicated transport options.


Why is lab relocation insurance important when working with a relocation partner?

Lab relocation insurance serves as a vital asset when collaborating with a relocation partner. It provides essential protection against unforeseen events that may occur during the relocation process. Our comprehensive insurance coverage ensures the safety and security of your valuable equipment and assets, offering peace of mind as we facilitate your move.

How does Armstrong Scientific Transport incorporate lab relocation insurance into the relocation plan?

As your trusted relocation partner, we include lab relocation insurance as a crucial component of our relocation plan. Our team works closely with you to assess your insurance needs and tailor a plan that provides adequate coverage for your specific requirements, ensuring minimal disruption and maximum protection.

What types of risks does lab relocation insurance typically cover?

Lab relocation insurance typically covers a range of risks, including damage to equipment during transit, loss or theft of equipment, and liability for accidents or injuries during the relocation process. Our comprehensive insurance policies are designed to mitigate these risks and provide comprehensive coverage for your peace of mind.

How does lab relocation insurance help minimize disruption during the relocation process?

By providing financial protection against unforeseen events, lab relocation insurance helps minimize disruption by ensuring that any potential setbacks or damages are swiftly addressed without causing delays or additional expenses. With Armstrong Scientific Transport and our comprehensive insurance coverage, you can trust that your relocation will proceed smoothly and efficiently.


Lab relocation is a critical process that demands careful planning and protection. With our insurance offerings, we can provide the necessary safeguards to ensure that your valuable laboratory equipment will be protected during transit. Whether you are moving across the country or overseas, understanding and choosing the right insurance is a vital step in ensuring the safety and continuity of your scientific endeavors.

For more information and personalized advice, contact us to explore our tailored insurance solutions for your laboratory relocation needs.

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