Relocating the Stars: Moving an Observatory Dome in Downtown Toronto

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Posted On  17th Oct 2023
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In the heart of downtown Toronto, atop a bustling building, stood an astronomy dome that had witnessed countless stars, planets, and celestial events. But like all things, there came a time for it to move to a new location. This wasn't just any move; it was a task that required precision, expertise, and a team that could handle the unexpected. Enter Armstrong Scientific Transport, a leading laboratory moving company.

The Planning and Disassembly Phase


Before any laboratory relocation can take place, especially one of this magnitude, a thorough site visit is essential. Our team of laboratory movers assessed the dome, its location, and the challenges that lay ahead. The dome, made of sturdy fiberglass, had to be disassembled into individual pieces for the move. This task was entrusted to our specialized lab relocation specialists, who, with their meticulous approach, ensured that each piece was carefully taken apart without any damage.

Understanding the delicate nature of the dome pieces, custom skids were designed and built to secure them. Each piece was then placed onto these skids, ensuring their safety and making them ready for the next phase of the move.



Craning and Delivery


With the dome pieces secured, the next challenge was to bring them down from the building. Given the dome's location in downtown Toronto, this was no small feat. Opting to work on a Saturday, when the city's traffic was lighter, our crane team swung into action. With precision and white glove service, each skid was carefully lowered to the ground, ensuring that the pieces remained intact.

Once safely on the ground, the dome pieces were loaded onto our trucks, ready for their journey to Collingwood, ON. The drive was smooth, and upon arrival in Collingwood, the pieces were delivered into lab equipment storage, awaiting their next celestial adventure.



Beyond the Stars: Armstrong's Commitment to Science


At Armstrong Scientific Transport, we pride ourselves on offering comprehensive laboratory relocation services. Whether it's moving lab equipment, relocating an astronomy dome, or providing white glove delivery, we rise to the challenge. Our expertise lies not just in our ability to execute lab moving services but in understanding the unique requirements of each scientific discipline. No logistical challenge is too great for us; we are always up to the task, ready to conquer any obstacle and ensure that science continues to move forward, both figuratively and literally.

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