Armstrong Moves Science Pt. 2: Interstate Laboratory Relocations

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Posted On  12th Jun 2023
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Scientific equipment transportation

16,000 miles across North America. Back-to-back laboratory relocations. Join us for exclusive behind-the-scenes updates and see our scientific trailer in action.



Welcome to the second part of our laboratory relocation journey. In this installment, we will take you through our journey from Alberta to Milwaukee, Tucson, and Colorado. Follow along as we navigate the meticulous process of customs clearance and showcase our seamless delivery operations. Discover how we handle valuable scientific equipment, load shipments at renowned institutions, and ensure precise and reliable deliveries.

Crossing the Border into the United States


Upon successfully delivering the freezers to the University of Alberta, our driver continued the journey with a shipment of scientific equipment bound for Colorado. The equipment had been picked up in Mississauga, where we had built custom crates for it. As we approached the border, our well-prepared team efficiently navigated the customs clearance process, including the submission of essential customs documents such as commercial invoices and power of attorney forms. With minimal delay, our driver received clearance and began driving towards Milwaukee. Count on our experienced team to expertly handle customs procedures and get your valuable scientific equipment across borders.

Loading at the Medical College of Wisconsin


At the Medical College of Wisconsin, our skilled team loaded a shipment of lab equipment, specimens, and supplies. With utmost care, we expertly packed and labeled each item, ensuring its safety during transport. We also packed and loaded freezers, which we plugged into our scientific trailer. This allowed us to maintain optimal conditions for the delicate samples inside. Rely on our meticulousness and commitment to safe transport for all your laboratory relocation needs.


In this video, Todd backs up the trailer to the dock at MCW. Below, our team is hard at work carefully packing the shipment of lab equipment and supplies.


Delivery to the University of Arizona


The shipment was delivered to the Medical Research Building at the University of Arizona in Tucson. Assisted by our local crew, we ensured an efficient and seamless delivery process. Upon arrival, our skilled team carefully unpacked each item, handling them with utmost care. Furthermore, we quickly offloaded the freezers and brought them to their designated locations. This allowed for prompt plug-in and minimizing any disruptions to ongoing research activities. As with all our laboratory relocations, we prioritize attention to detail, speed, and reliability, supporting your research endeavors at every stage.


Our team offloading the shipment, carefully unpacking boxes and moving freezers to the destination lab.

Our Specialized Freezer Transport Service

At Armstrong Scientific, we understand the importance of maintaining optimal conditions for sensitive scientific samples during transportation. That's why our driver takes great care in closely monitoring the temperature of the freezers throughout the entire journey. Our driver performs regular temperature checks at predetermined intervals, ensuring that the samples remain at the desired temperature range and their integrity is preserved. Furthermore, we employ advanced monitoring systems that provide real-time temperature tracking and alerts, allowing us to promptly address any deviations and ensure the utmost precision in temperature control.


A Quick Stop in Colorado: Lab Equipment Delivery

Continuing our journey, we arrived in Colorado to fulfill the delivery of valuable lab equipment that we had brought across the border. With our attention to detail and commitment to excellence, we successfully delivered the equipment to a private lab in Colorado. To facilitate a seamless delivery process, we coordinated with our local crew who expertly handled the unloading and setup of the equipment in the designated office building. Count on us to handle your valuable lab equipment with precision and care, ensuring a smooth and efficient delivery experience.


Our trailer spotted at Raton Pass, 7800ft above sea level.



As our journey across North America continues, we have successfully completed deliveries in Wisconsin, Arizona, and Colorado, showcasing our expertise in laboratory relocations. Stay tuned for our next stop: Montreal. With our commitment to excellence and efficient services, we are ready to load and transport a shipment of scientific equipment, ensuring it reaches its destination securely and on schedule. Join us as we embark on the next chapter of our expedition, bringing reliable and professional transport solutions to meet your scientific relocation needs.


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