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Complete Laboratory Relocation in Canada

For when you move to a new, state-of-the-art research facility, guarantee expert care in handling the equipment and specimens that drive innovation.

Move Your Laboratory the Armstrong Way

Armstrong Scientific Transport is Canada’s leading laboratory, specimen, and medical equipment relocation company. We facilitate an easy, comfortable move to your new lab — one that’s in line with your spirit of discovery, scientific curiosity, and research leadership. Our turn-key relocation service takes the heavy lifting out of moving specialized equipment and specimens, so you can focus on the future of science.

Logistics Made for Laboratories

Laboratory and Equipment Relocation Services

Armstrong Scientific Transport is fully equipped and certified to handle your entire laboratory relocation process. We expertly handle and transport your specimens and biological material, medical equipment, and regulated chemicals with full cold-chain logistics and plugged-in fridge/freezer transport capabilities. Discover our leading transport technologies and solutions tailored to your lab’s exact specifications:

At Armstrong Scientific Transport, we handle all your equipment and life-changing discoveries with care. We know the years of hard work that go into research. We make sure you are able to transition safely and seamlessly to a new environment that’s conducive to your work. We move your entire lab with ease using specialized climate-controlled trucks that meet the exact temperature requirements for preserving specimen integrity, and ensure they arrive safely.

Preserve samples and maintain equipment function with utmost confidence in their viability. Armstrong offers leading laboratory storage solutions tailored to your exact specifications. From floor space to adjustable steel racks, we make sure all your lab essentials are stored safely and securely while your groundbreaking research is underway.

At Armstrong, our promise is to handle with care. We expertly handle all of your lab relocation needs using custom transport solutions. We share your passion for perfection and integrity — and it’s why we offer custom wood packaging for securely transporting your samples and equipment, and preserve their condition. We are committed to a safe, damage-free relocation to ensure a seamless transition and continued innovation.

Leading Transport Solutions

For All Your Equipment Handling Needs

Armstrong Scientific Transport is committed to supporting your passion for scientific discovery and innovation. We are your partners, and we start by helping you seamlessly transition to a new location where you can do your best work.

Our Laboratory Relocation Process

Move to a New, Better Lab Seamlessly

At Armstrong, we have laboratory and equipment relocation down to a science. We share your commitment to reliable, accurate results, and enable a seamless relocation through a comprehensive and rigorous safety protocol.

  1. Pre-Move Survey

  2. Our logistics experts conduct a relocation audit. We take note of all the equipment and specimens that require custom crating, packing, and secure, climate-controlled transport.

    Our comprehensive relocation plan accounts for all the contents and transport requirements of all the contents of your lab, along with safety protocols for specimens and hazardous materials. Based on these, we’ll secure special permits and create an Emergency Response Assistance Plan to ensure a seamless move, if required.

  3. Laboratory Packing

  4. We pack your entire lab securely and efficiently. We offer custom crating services and use specialized packing materials and techniques to secure high-value equipment during transport. Our three-part packing system includes primary and secondary leak-proof containers, and a rigid outer packaging to maintain specimen integrity throughout the move.

  5. Transportation

  6. We arrange for transport using specialized, climate-controlled trucks with customizable temperature and humidity controls and in-transit mobile power. Always, our priority is safety: keeping laboratory and medical equipment damage-free, and specimens secure with cold-chain or heated logistics using plugged-in units.

Go Where Research Takes You

We Move Canada’s Leading Researchers Where Your Expertise Is Needed

Armstrong is trusted by countless universities, biobanks, hospitals, research institutes, and government agencies to support their quest for innovation. For this, we’ve earned one of only two Canadian Association of University Business Officers (CAUBO) memberships, making us the leading laboratory relocation provider of over 2,000 research institutions.

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