Expert Tips for Laboratory Equipment Procurement

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Posted On  16th Mar 2023
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Negotiating New Equipment Purchases

Investing in new laboratory equipment is essential for productivity and efficiency, but high prices can strain budgets. Effective negotiation skills are crucial to managing these costs.

  1. Research your options by collecting information on the equipment you need, including features, pricing, and warranties. This knowledge helps with budgeting and gives you an advantage when negotiating.
  2. Determine your needs by identifying necessary features and what you can do without. This helps narrow down your search and saves time.
  3. Get multiple quotes to compare from different vendors to learn the equipment's market value and get the best price.
  4. Build a relationship with vendors to establish trust and potentially lead to a better deal.
  5. Leverage your position as a repeat customer to ask for a discount, and cash payments can be bargaining chips.
  6. Consider financing options with caution if the equipment is out of your budget.
  7. Take your time when negotiating. Review options, ask for written quotes and proposals before committing.

Shipping and Transporting Lab Equipment

Reliable transportation is critical when shipping laboratory equipment. Armstrong Scientific Transport is a trustworthy company that specializes in safe, efficient transportation.

Transporting lab equipment is complex and delicate. Our experienced team handles equipment with care and offers various transportation options. Ground transportation is ideal for short distances, while air and ocean freight are suitable for longer distances and international shipments.

In addition to transportation, we provide installation and de-installation services for your lab equipment. Our team ensures that your new equipment functions correctly.

In conclusion, negotiating equipment purchases and safely shipping them are equally important. At Armstrong Scientific Transport, we are committed to providing high-quality transportation services and working closely with our clients to meet their needs.

Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can assist you with your lab equipment transportation needs.

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