Laboratory Storage Solutions in Canada

Laboratory Storage Solutions

Safety and Integrity of Leading Innovations

Your specimens and equipment are the irreplaceable Preserve their integrity and optimal condition to drive the success of your life-changing research.

Reduce Risk and Improve Results

Keep Your Research Safe and in Prime Condition

Armstrong Scientific Transport is your research partner: we offer tailored logistics solutions for preserving your samples and equipment, so you can focus on your important work.

A Complete Laboratory Storage Solution

Store Your Leading Innovations

We built our leading storage solution with a keen understanding of the exact needs and challenges that laboratories like yours face in driving innovation. Our storage facility is fully equipped with laboratory-grade storage containers, climate controls, and security to preserve your items in storage. Discover made-for-science storage:

Specimen and Biological Material Storage

Armstrong Scientific Transport offers a complete biostorage solution fully equipped with temperature and humidity control, and both cold-chain and heated logistics capabilities. We store:

Biological and Specimen Storage Features

Our laboratory storage solutions are designed to preserve the integrity of your research, and support the validity and reliability of your innovations – our guarantee is a seamless long-term storage process managed by logistics experts who have mastered the science of equipment and specimen handling:

Laboratory and Equipment Storage

Our long-term storage facility guarantees the function of your equipment with industry-leading security and safety protocols.

  • Custom crating and packing: We offer a complete laboratory equipment storage solution — and it starts with packing your lab. We follow strict safety protocols in equipment handling and packaging to ensure secure transport to storage.
  • Laboratory and Medical Equipment Storage: Armstrong offers leading storage solutions designed to secure your work and the equipment that makes it possible. We offer floor space and adjustable steel racks for optimal storage tailored to your exact specifications.
  • Security and Quality Control: Our long-term storage facility is fully equipped with industry-leading security protocols. We know the value of laboratory and medical equipment, and we are committed to their safety and function — as well as the continuity of crucial research and development. From 24/7 video surveillance to secure access and climate control, we keep your equipment in peak condition.

The Armstrong Laboratory Storage Protocol

A Seamless Way to Store Leading Research and Equipment

At Armstrong Scientific Transport, we help countless researchers drive the future of science. We offer a smart and seamless way to protect every groundbreaking discovery and the tools you need to deliver reliable results. From equipment handling to secure storage, our logistics support is unparalleled. We ensure the protection and integrity of your research specimens, specialized freezers, microscopes, thermocyclers, autoclaves, incubators, and more.

  1. Laboratory storage planning: We manage the entire laboratory relocation and transport process. We run a full inventory check of all your specimens and equipment, and check storage requirements to ensure safe handling.
  2. Identification and tracking: We register and identify all specimens and equipment endorsed to us for long-term storage. Our storage protocol requires full identification and verification to ensure the integrity and chain-of-condition from deposit to retrieval.
  3. Retrieval and discard: Armstrong is committed to the integrity and security of your assets, from storage deposit to retrieval. We offer informed consent to facilitate access to your stored samples and equipment, and ensure that only authorized personnel from both your institution and our team can access these with required and up-to-date permissions.
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