Freezer Transport Services in Canada

Specialized Equipment For RelocationArmstrong Scientific Transport is a premier laboratory transportation company, that specializes in providing comprehensive laboratory relocation services to universities, biobanks, research institutes and hospitals in both Canada and the United States.

Armstrong Scientific Transport provides complete relocation services, from planning and documenting to packing and unpacking services. Our specialized services also extend to refrigerated transport.

About Our Specialized Transport Equipment

Our transport truck can monitor whether units are plugged in throughout the transportation process. Equipment is also satellite tracked, climate controlled, and has an internal security system. Additional features include:

About Armstrong Scientific Transport

Armstrong Scientific Transport is a premier laboratory relocation and transportation company with a highly trained team of professionals who are both certified and highly experienced.

Armstrong Scientific Transport’s business affiliate Armstrong Moving is also a proud CAUBO member; over a period of ten years, we provided our services to over 2000 educational institutes.

Armstrong Scientific Transport is a leading choice for educational faculties, biobanks and hospitals across both Canada and the United States for both laboratory relocation services and refrigerated transport services.

If you are looking for premier and comprehensive laboratory relocation services, including refrigerated transport, choose Armstrong Scientific Transport. Contact us here.

The Science Behind Transport

Transport Solutions Built on Science, Built for Discovery

Armstrong Scientific Transport is dedicated to helping you make life-changing discoveries — and we want to help you develop yours. We start by delivering your entire lab, specimens, and equipment with tailored climate-controlled solutions to a new, conducive space.

In-Transit Mobile Power

Our transport units operate with full mobile power capability. Keep freezers plugged in to preserve specimen and chemical integrity, and scale for multi-unit configuration to accommodate all your hard work.

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Cooled Transport

Armstrong specializes in cold-chain logistics to ensure the safe transport of cool items up to -25℃. Store samples in optimal condition, under strict temperature and humidity control standards for regulatory compliance, quality, and safety.

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Heated Transport

We transport items heated up to 25℃ as required to maintain integrity and quality. Trust us to meet your exact storage, handling, and transport requirements, and keep your research running.

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What We Move

Armstrong Scientific Transport is a true logistics leader — from relocation planning, to transport arrangement, and setup, we help you get your new lab running.

We seamlessly relocate entire laboratories, specimens, and equipment for:

  • Universities and academic research institutions
  • Hospitals
  • Biotechnology companies
  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • Government agencies
  • Genomic explorers
  • Research foundations, and more.

Our turn-key laboratory and equipment relocation solution is fully capable of handling:

  • DNA
  • Blood samples
  • Tissue samples
  • Chemical compounds
  • Regulated chemicals and reagents
  • High-value equipment, and more.
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