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How To Overcome Challenges In Lab Relocation

Laboratory relocation is no easy feat. Whether for a hospital, biobank, university or research institution, there are lots of sensitive materials that must be treated with care throughout the move.

Sometimes it’s necessary to relocate a science lab. Perhaps for renovations, to move to a larger facility or to change locale, the reasons for relocating are not as important as the precautions that need to be taken. There are guidelines to follow, from having proper insurance in place to wearing proper protection equipment.

The most important thing to make certain is to hire a specialized moving company. At Armstrong scientific we have customized moving vehicles that can preserve refrigerated and frozen materials. Our trucks have internal security systems, air ride suspension and are satellite tracked. Moving labs with us is an investment in the continuing success of your lab.

We’ve provided some insight on how to properly prepare for moving. The most important things to remember are:

  • Be safe
  • Book with a reputable medical equipment transport company
  • Plan the steps for before, during and after the move
  • Pack materials responsibly
  • Ask for a quote before the move

Laboratory relocation can be fraught with challenges. You’re transporting highly sensitive materials, materials that my be important to ongoing research or medical treatment. There’s no room for error when moving, but it’s a big task that unfortunately presents many oppourtunities for things to go wrong.

You can minimize possibility for error by hiring a moving company with years of experience, that also has the right equipment for the job. The right company can make all the difference as to whether the move goes smoothly, or whether there is breakage and contamination to deal with.

Protect yourself during the relocation process by wearing lab coats, gloves and goggles while packing. Have extra protective equipment at the ready for when your team arrives at the new destination. If you’ll be transporting equipment and materials through public areas, make sure to wear full length pants as well as sturdy shoes (preferably steel toed). Don’t wear PPE in a public area; it’s unsuitable for lab use afterwards.

Laboratory relocation is a huge challenge of planning and logistics. It’s more than worth the investment of time and money to prepare properly, take steps to safety and hire an experienced scientific transport company. The right transport company will keep all elements of your lab safe and secure during the move. Imagine getting to your destination and finding out sensitive materials have not been stored properly and now must be disposed of. That’s months of work and thousands of dollars down the drain.

A good scientific relocation company can help ease the moving process and knows how to handle any material a lab might deal with. That way, you can worry about planning and packing, and not about whether the moving company can execute.

Read on to discover more about the safety guidelines of laboratory relocation, and what to look for in a moving company. By following the advice below, your laboratory relocation will be a breeze.


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